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Photographs – Digital Restoration or Preservation of Original?

We are sometimes asked to restore an actual physical photograph (photograph preservation) as opposed to restoring a digital scan of the same photograph.

Photograph Restoration Example

Photograph preservation can improve a photograph, image quality is not usually the primary purpose. Conservators will try to improve the overall visual appearance, but they would find it impossible to match what can be achieved by digital restoration. Because of the knowledge and skill and time required to carry out the physical preservation, the cost is likely to be prohibitive.

Digital restoration has many advantages including:

  • Preservation of the original photograph
  • Prevention from further deterioration
  • Eliminating scratches, blemishes, tears, folds and fading
  • Increase in the level of detail and enhancement of facial detail
  • Prints of any size can be made and shared
  • The ease of storage of digital files, also able to be shared

Glass Cooker Splashback Project

Brenda C sent us this message to ask if we could help:

I am having new kitchen worktops and was going to have a glass splashback across the cooker wall. I have decided to use two landscape photos placed somehow in the glass splashbacks but details have to be obviously pretty exact.

Would you be interested in creating the photo panorama for the glass manufacturers. It would consist of one landscape view, one central portrait view above the cooker and another landscape view. The photos to be used are of The Solent looking across to the IOW with sailing club yachts. Blue sky with few clouds, blue sea and the yachts have their dark blue spinnaker sails open. Obviously, sky, sea etc have to be in alignment with one another.

We have done this kind of bespoke project before and told Brenda we would be very happy to help. Brenda’s  photos above show the original photographs we were supplied with and the finished result. We increased the proportions to allow for the exact placing of the power point positions which meant more sea was required.

Brenda was very happy with the finished result achieved by us and the glass manufacturing company, and sent us this feedback on the final splashback:

Everyone has loved the splashback with not one negative comment. Most comments are ‘Wow’. I love it and every time I go into the kitchen, it looks so clean and bright. I am also pleased that the upstand removes enough of the sea to balance the yachts being so high. Now you have added my splashback on your new website, I have sent the web page link to many friends.

I don’t know how you did it but it was exactly how I wanted it. I have been trying to find each of the yachts from my photos but have given up trying to find them now!


Torn photo restored

As you can see this photo was in a bad way having been sent to us in four pieces. Turned out OK in the end though!

Global Manufacturing Business Image Restoration and Colourisation

We were approached by a global manufacturing company to restore and colourise over 40 historic images they have of their company which they want to display in an forthcoming exhibition.

We get increasing numbers of enquiries to create bespoke images for all sorts of end use.

Here are several examples of the photos that we restored and colourised for them to bring to life the company’s early history.


Grenadier Guards Photo Saved!

At some point someone obviously thought it would be a good idea to give some of these characters beards and glasses.

That’s where we were able to be helpful to a very grateful customer.

Here’s the before and after

Luca Joins The Photographs Forever Team

We are very pleased to let you know that Luca Quasimodo has joined Photographs Forever on a full-time basis. He will be creating our photobooks as well as carrying out many other duties so that we can be as efficient with customer photographs and photograph restoration.  Luca has been working for us part time until now. He has a Design Degree from Brighton University.

Composite Photograph Created From 2 Existing Photographs

Here’s a photograph montage we completed for our client Stephen F

Here’s Stephen’s feedback:
“The photo is of myself and my grandson Dylan and individual photos were taken 15 years apart. Dylan’s father actually asked if I’d got dressed in my old uniform to have that photo taken, he couldn’t believe the one of myself was 15 years old.  I’ve spoken to Dylan and my daughter (his mum) and they are also very happy that you are considering using that photo as they both love it and can’t get over how good it is.”

Ferrari 275 Photograph Restoration and Colourise

We recently restored this photograph of the very handsome Ferrari 275 built around 1966. 

Our customer Claire H says ‘the results were absolutely fabulous, top notch!’

Do you have an important photograph that is looking a bit the worse for wear? Get in touch now!

We Can Sharpen Face Detail in Your Photographs

We now have the ability to sharpen up those out of focus faces that many old photographs suffer from. Sharpening face detail restores lost detail and brings back the true skin tones and all aspects of face detail 

Here’s the difference

sharpen face detail

A Heartwarming 60th Wedding Anniversary Story in Photographs

This photograph was taken on 3rd of February 1962, when Colin and Jan were just 21 and 19 years old. As soon as we saw the photo we were instantly struck by how heart-warming it was, their faces a perfect picture of happiness!

Since 1962 Colin and Jan went on to have four children and four grand-children, and it was their grand-daughter Emily who contacted us in January as she hoped to give her grandparents a restored version of their precious photograph for their 60th wedding anniversary.

Jan says  “We got married at the church that was once part of Hanworth Palace owned by Henry VIII. I walked through the door on the arm of my dad and felt part of the history of it all. Hiring the Daimler on the day of our wedding was a luxury I had not known before. The car arrived to take us the short distance to the reception. It was such a happy day I don’t think we noticed the cold February weather.”

Emily tells us that her great-grandfather (Jan’s dad) was the gardener at Hanworth Palace, and when her granddad Colin first visited her Nan, who lived in the grounds, he mistakenly thought he had struck gold, believing Jan’s family owned the estate!

On 3rd February 2022, Emily presented her grandparents with the photograph that we had restored and framed and kindly sent us these photographs of their reaction…