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Photographs – Digital Restoration or Preservation of Original?

We are sometimes asked to restore an actual physical photograph (photograph preservation) as opposed to restoring a digital scan of the same photograph. Photograph preservation can improve a photograph, image quality is not usually the primary purpose. Conservators will try to improve the overall visual appearance, but they would find it impossible to match what can be achieved by digital…

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Glass Cooker Splashback Project

Brenda C sent us this message to ask if we could help: I am having new kitchen worktops and was going to have a glass splashback across the cooker wall. I have decided to use two landscape photos placed somehow in the glass splashbacks but details have to be obviously pretty exact. Would you be interested in creating the photo…

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Torn photo restored

As you can see this photo was in a bad way having been sent to us in four pieces. Turned out OK in the end though!

Global Manufacturing Business Image Restoration and Colourisation

We were approached by a global manufacturing company to restore and colourise over 40 historic images they have of their company which they want to display in an forthcoming exhibition. We get increasing numbers of enquiries to create bespoke images for all sorts of end use. Here are several examples of the photos that we restored and colourised for them…

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Grenadier Guards Photo Saved!

At some point someone obviously thought it would be a good idea to give some of these characters beards and glasses. That’s where we were able to be helpful to a very grateful customer. Here’s the before and after