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Digital Colourisation

Colourisation is a process of adding colour to a black & white or sepia image to add a sense of realism that is sometimes missing in the original photograph. It captures more life by giving an immediacy to your images and allows you to relate to it in a way that you couldn’t before.

Black and white photographs are fantastic although sometimes a vibrant colour photograph can make all the difference.

When colourising your photographs you can advise us on the colours of elements that you know, although often this is not known and we have a great deal of experience adding colours that are appropriate to the time and feel of the photograph.

There are times we receive colour photographs that are so faded that we are unable to retrieve the existing colours and we have to restore the images in two stages. First we create a black and white image of the photo in question and restore this, allowing us to bring back the detail in the photograph. Stage two is the colourisation, leaving you with two final restored images, one in black and white, and one in full colour.

We can also offer creative colourisation. Our customer Christine wanted a subtle ‘hand coloured’ effect which meant her photo is now in keeping with a selection of her other original hand coloured photographs. This was a detailed process that we carried out after fully restoring the photo initially in black and white.

Digital Colourisation

Some old photographs have been hand colourised in the past, and while sometimes this has been done tastefully, there are instances where it has spoiled the original photograph. In these cases digital colourisation can really help to bring a sense of realism back into the image.

Here is another example of creative colourisation, seen here through the use of spot colour. With the introduction of select colour to only certain aspects of a black and white photo, a really beautiful image can be created.

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