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Document Restoration

We are often sent documents such as birth, death and marriage type certificates so that images of these can be added to family records. They are often badly creased, damaged or the writing is fading. In most cases we are able to digitally restore the document so it looks as good as new. We can also restore other paper items such as children’s drawings or paintings, which are often originally painted on thin paper, so restoring them ensures that their unique artwork can be saved for high quality printing and framing.

Postcards, letters, policies, deeds, licences, award certificates are just a few of the other types of documents we regularly scan and restore.

Sometimes through document restoration we are even able to uncover new details that are vital for the understanding of our family history…

“Owing to the the restoration, three key facts were presented which provided additional information which redirected my research into Jack (John) Deary’s WW1 military history. The renewed writing comfirmed the photo on the otherside to be that of the 63rd Royal Naval Division Signal Company, it provided the place where the card was posted, Roisin and not Rouen and that the signatory was written by a Sapper named W.N.Burrows and not by Jack Deary’s brother in law, Robert Parker, who for many years was thought to have sent the card. Therefore, not only did I unequivocally see my grandfather, John Deary, MM, in the restored image but I was lucky to be gifted two other key historical and valuable facts.”

– Our customer John’s comments on the postcard we restored for him.

Many of us have collections of drawings and paintings from our children and grandchildren and don’t always realise that these are just as perishable as photographs. These are usually made on poor quality paper that makes them even more susceptible to damage and deterioration.

Let us scan these treasured pieces of artwork to ensure they are not lost or forgotten and can be enjoyed for years to come.

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