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Drawings, Documents, Artwork and Paintings Can All Be Restored!

Although photograph restoration is the most popular part of work that I carry out, I thought it worth mentioning that I also restore many other types of things that people have and that is deteriorating.  I recently restored a drawing that was made by my customer’s friend in the 70s and, over the years it had become torn, dog eared and generally looking very sorry for itself. The original also had a message from the artist on the reverse side. To reach the final result I scanned the original drawing and scanned the message. I then restored the drawing and superimposed the message on to the same image. I then made a enlargement print on archive paper and mounted this in a plain black wooden frame.
Here’s the before and after:

Do you have precious unique documents such as Birth Certificates, School Reports, Qualification Certificates, Death Certificates, Wills or any other documents that should be digitally preserved or shared with other members of the family? If you are creating your family album you could add images of important documents.

What about the children’s artwork?  Their wonderful creative drawings and paintings are nearly always done on the cheapest paper, the paint fades, they get crumpled up and torn. Save them now. I will scan them and then you’ll images you can print, put into photo books and share with the family

Do you have negatives of possibly precious photographs and lost the prints?
Do you have a collection of negatives and you’ve no idea what the images on them are of?

I can scan your negatives whether they are 35mm or 127, 126, 120 roll film and provide you with positive images as data files, which I can then restore if necessary or just print your favourites.

You may, like me, have a load of 35mm or 6cm slides from the 70’s and 80’s but no longer have a projector that works. Let me scan and improve the best ones so you can enjoy them again.  They are often really high quality and make great enlargements.

So don’t delay, look out those precious documents, drawings, artwork, negatives, slides and of course those fantastic old family photographs and let me restore them, repair them, retouch them so you and your family and friends can enjoy them forever.