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Family Tree Maker – New 2012 Version Now Available

Family Tree Maker is a computer program which I can thoroughly recommend. This software makes researching your family tree really easy and great fun .

I bought Family Tree Maker myself a couple of months ago and found many of its features fascinating.  You input the information you know about your family and this synchronises with on line (this remains private if you wish). One of the advantages of this synchronisation is that if there is someone else registered with Ancestry who is researching someone on your tree you can link with them and share information. I found someone in Switzerland was researching my father’s side of the family and has over 250 people on their tree and my father’s parents died when he 1918 when he was just four years old. So I got an instant link to my father’s relatives.

The Family Tree Maker Program also receives “hints” from Ancestry as there is so much family history information already known about so many people that it makes it very much easier to find those ancestors you know nothing about.

Click on the link below to see full details of what the program offers. Once you start with the program you’ll be fascinated and hooked!

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