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Our History

Our founder Richard Haines describes his life-long passion for photography, his working life, and how he ultimately came to start Photographs Forever.

“My interest in photography began at the age of 10 when, as my parents only rarely used a camera, I was given a Brownie 127 for my birthday and I became the family photographer. At the age of seventeen I said to the Youth Employment Officer that I would like to work for Friths, the famous historical postcard photography company. ‘That would be 60% darkroom work, you wouldn’t like that. You need something outdoors such as farming‘ he told me. I ended up farming from then until a motorcycle accident in 1968 put an end to my farming days.

I began taking evening classes in Photography which eventually led to me taking wedding photographs for friends. Soon I became the manager of a photographic shop, though this meant working Saturdays which meant giving up wedding photography. Twenty five years later I bought the company which had then become a successful Audio Visual company, until ten years after that in 2008, like many other companies, we closed.

Then in 2009, I was scanning my family photos after my brother and I both wanted copies of our parents and grandparents old photographs, and in doing so discovered that many of them had become quite deteriorated over time. As I begun the process of digitally restoring them, I realised that there must be many other people out there who had a similar situation. This is when Photographs Forever started.

Since then Photographs Forever has become a leading company for photograph restoration having gone from strength to strength between 2009 and now. In 2014 my daughter Amy joined alongside me in a part time position while she carried out her studies. She has always shared my passion for photography and after completing her University Degree in Brighton she has joined the company full time and learnt all aspects of the business. She is very talented at photograph restoration and I have full confidence that the results she produces are every bit as good as my own. After completing his degree in Graphic Design, Amy’s partner Luca also joined the company full time helping with many aspects of the business and utilising his design skills to produce our beautiful photobooks.

So it couldn’t be better, Photographs Forever is a true family business and continues to go from strength to strength. Making sure that the standard of our work, service and communications are of the very highest quality is our top priority. We are receiving wonderful feedback and testimonials on a daily basis and this is what makes our work so rewarding.

Our customers are all very special and we have made many longstanding friendships over an increasing number of years making the whole process a very enjoyable one.”