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Make The Most of Your Restored Photograph – With a Framed Enlargement

People often think that when they have a photograph restored, the finished restored print will only be the same size as the original. It’s true that it can be, but what is often overlooked is that after a photograph has been digitally restored, the finished image can be printed virtually any size.  It can be printed smaller for a locket or a special frame and, more importantly, it can be enlarged to a size at which you can see the detail of the original photo.

Here’s an example…
Below is the print that I was given to work from, originally a good quality studio portrait and the only remaining print was this deteriorated one, which was about 4 inches x 3inches.
Compare the “before” print to the finished enlargement after I had restored the image and you can now see the original detail in all its glory….

If this was your grandma, what a great picture to frame and put on the wall for all to enjoy