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Photo Montaging

Photograph Montaging is a great way of digitally creating an entirely new image out of pre-existing photographs. We often wish we had a certain photo, perhaps of ourselves or a particular family member with a loved one who is no longer with us, or a group of images and documents that highlight a special event. Montaging is a great way to re-create that special photo that’s currently missing from our collection.

Montaging involves combining two or more photographs to create a whole new image. This may be two separate photographs each with one person on and combining these to make a single photograph with them both together as if they were in the same space, or re-inserting people who are missing from a group photo. As an aside, we can also take people out of the photograph who are not required! See more about photograph manipulation.

Montaging isn’t always about combining photos of people. Sometimes we aren’t happy with the original background of our photo, and just changing this to something new can make all the difference!

We have also created montages of customers’ cats, dogs, cars, medals, in fact any subject where multiple photographs need to be together in one image. See more examples of our photograph montages on our example page.