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Photograph Storage and Editing – Picasa by Google

Are your digital photographs organised on your computer so you can easily see them all in date order, in albums/groups of types og photographs etc? If not then take a look at Picasa by Google.

Picasa is a free downloadable program created by Google and is an image-organiser and image-viewer for editing and organising digital photographs, plus an integrated photo-sharing website.

Download the program, Picasa will then search your computer for all your photographs (or just search the places you select? and organise them into ‘albums’ of your files. This enables you to view the pictures as well as do a considerable amount of very easy editing like straightening, cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, colour balancing and a whole host of effects like black and white, sepia, soft focus etc. The great thing is that any changes you make to your photographs in Picasa do not alter the original files on your computer as well as any changes you do make being completely un-doable.