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Negatives and Slides

Most often you may have prints and no negatives, but sometimes you find some precious negatives and it’s often quite difficult to see what’s on them. You may have a collection of 35mm slides (or transparencies), but you no longer have the means by which to view them. Many people are overjoyed when they see the images after they have been scanned, sometimes photographs they have never seen before, enabling them to have prints and enlargements made so they can be truly treasured.

We can scan your negatives in high resolution, these may be large format negatives such as 35mm negatives, 126 Instamatic negatives, 110 negatives, 6cm x 6cm and even Kodak Disc negatives. We can also scan glass negatives.

Many people have a great collection of 35mm transparencies/slides and no longer have a projector or don’t want the hassle of setting up a projector and screen. It’s worth going through your slides and picking the best for scanning, optimising/restoring, cropping and making prints or enlargements. We have special rates for bulk scanning or you can just have a single slide scanned if you prefer. Find out more about our scanning and optimising service.

Slides deteriorate if not stored well. We often come across ones that have spidery mould growths on them due to damp or otherwise poor conditions. Check them out and save them now!

We also scan or re-photograph Daguerreotype photographs. Daguerreotype was the first publicly available photographic process, used during the mid 1800’s. The daguerreotype is a highly detailed positive image created on a silver plated copper sheet. These old photos really are precious, so if you have any make sure to send them to us now so we can ensure they are preserved for years to come.