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Restoring Your Old Photographs – Your Family Tree Magazine Article

I was approached by Your Family Tree magazine, to write an article about restoring old photographs and photograph restoration and storage.

My article appeared in the May edition of Your Family Tree magazine which is on sale from 24rd April.

Your Family Tree is actually an excellent magazine and is packed with interesting and useful information relating to every aspect of genealogy and family trees for both beginners and more advanced studies.

Family Tree research has become very popular recently partly due to the Who Do You Think You Are TV series which is invariably fascinating and just about every person whose family tree is focussed upon uncovers startling facts about their ancestors.

When I see some of the old photographs they show I find myself twitching because I could make them look so much better!

Photographs are the best way of remembering and recording our families and photograph restoration and photograph retouching and editing makes it possible for present and future generations to have lasting, quality images of their families as well as the places they grew up and more.

The article I have written explains the importance and benefits of sorting through your photographs and preserving them and offers simple ways of storing, cataloguing, and repairing them yourself.

Click to see and read the full article >>> Restoring Your Old Photographs