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Scanning and Optimising

What we suggest, if you have a significant quantity of photos to deal with, is to take advantage of our scanning and optimisation service. The benefit of this is that it offers an inexpensive way of digitising many of your photographs at once, enabling you to have these stored safely on your computer and share with ease among family and friends.

When we find ourselves with a large collection of photos that have been gathered together over the generations, the thought of sorting them out can be daunting. Our high resolution scanning and optimisation service lets us do the job for you, transforming your photos into high resolution digital files that can be safely stored on your computer. You can rest assured your photos are safe, no longer stored away somewhere, being left susceptible to damage and deterioration. Get your photos together now and take the first step to preserving your family history.

This process involves us scanning each of your photographs individually at a high resolution. We then digitally hand optimise each image to correct as many of the deficiencies as possible. This means that problems such as fading, tone, under or over-exposure and colour balance can often be largely corrected.

When we have optimised your photographs, we send you an email link so you can see the before and after that the optimisation has given each of your photographs and, because you can see them bigger on your computer/iPad, you will find it easier to decide which need further work to fully restore. If you would then like to proceed with fully restoring any when you have seen the optimised versions, we can quote for these on an individual basis. Any that you go ahead with fully restoring, will have the optimisation cost deducted.

The optimisation process is a great advantage over just a scan and whilst it does improve the overall photo, aspects of physical damage such as dust, scratches, tears, creases or severe fading due to sun exposure, cannot be corrected with optimisation. In these cases, for those special photos, we suggest having your photograph fully restored for the best result. See more information on our photograph restoration service.

Original photograph

photo optimisation -after 1

Optimised photograph

Restored photograph

Another great benefit of having many of your photographs digitised is the ability to create beautiful photobooks, so you can have an easy to look at book of the best memories. You also have the ability to have duplicate photobooks made so family members can have their own copy of your family photographs. See more information about the photobooks we provide.