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Luca Joins The Photographs Forever Team

We are very pleased to let you know that Luca Quasimodo has joined Photographs Forever on a full-time basis. He will be creating our photobooks as well as carrying out many other duties so that we can be as efficient with customer photographs and photograph restoration.  Luca has been working for us part time until now. He has a Design…

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Composite Photograph Created From 2 Existing Photographs

Here’s a photograph montage we completed for our client Stephen F Here’s Stephen’s feedback: “The photo is of myself and my grandson Dylan and individual photos were taken 15 years apart. Dylan’s father actually asked if I’d got dressed in my old uniform to have that photo taken, he couldn’t believe the one of myself was 15 years old.  I’ve…

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Ferrari 275 Photograph Restoration and Colourise

We recently restored this photograph of the very handsome Ferrari 275 built around 1966.  Our customer Claire H says ‘the results were absolutely fabulous, top notch!’ Do you have an important photograph that is looking a bit the worse for wear? Get in touch now!

We Can Sharpen Face Detail in Your Photographs

We now have the ability to sharpen up those out of focus faces that many old photographs suffer from. Sharpening face detail restores lost detail and brings back the true skin tones and all aspects of face detail  Here’s the difference

A Heartwarming 60th Wedding Anniversary Story in Photographs

This photograph was taken on 3rd of February 1962, when Colin and Jan were just 21 and 19 years old. As soon as we saw the photo we were instantly struck by how heart-warming it was, their faces a perfect picture of happiness! Since 1962 Colin and Jan went on to have four children and four grand-children, and it was…

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