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If comparing restoration service prices of alternative providers, please be sure to compare the quality of work by comparing examples of work carried out. For information on the discounts we offer, see here.

All prices are subject to VAT


High Resolution Scanning and Optimisation

Each photograph is scanned and individually assessed and then manually optimised to correct fading, shadows and highlights as well as correcting poor colour balance. Any damage or blemishes are not corrected with the optimisation process. If any of the optimised photographs are subsequently fully restored these will be quoted individually and the optimisation cost deducted from the cost of restoration.

High resolution scan, crop and optimisation Qty 50+ photographs£1.95
High resolution scan, crop and optimisation Qty 11-49 photographs£2.95
High resolution scan, crop and optimisation, Qty 6-10 photographs£4.50
High resolution scan, crop and optimisation, Qty 1-5 photographs£7.50
High resolution scan, crop and optimisation of negatives and slidesfrom £2.95

High Resolution Scan and Full Restoration of Your Photograph

Including any or all of the following relevant corrections: Fading, Tear and crease repair, Blemish removal, Scratch removal, Contrast improvement, Colour correction, Reconstruction of badly damaged or missing areas , Red-eye removal, Facial detail enhancement, Object removal, Reduce appearance of pixelation, Cropping and improved composition. Cost includes restored digital file/sfrom £18.50


Digitally Colourise your photograph. You can define the colours you want otherwise we can use our experience to add colours that we feel would be appropriate. Cost includes colourised digital file/sfrom £49.50

Special Alterations and Manipulation

A wide variety of alterations can be applied to your photograph, such as: Black & white with spot colour, Combining photographs, Montages, Removing unwanted people or objects, Inserting required items, Replacing photo backgroundfrom £18.50

Prints & Enlargements on Archive Quality Paper

All prints are supplied on 270gsm archive quality paper which will not show any signs of deterioration for over 100 years under normal conditions. We can print your photograph to any custom size you require.

6" x 4" - 150mm x 100mm
4" x 4" - 100mm x 100mm
7" x 5" - 175mm x 125mm
5" x 5" - 125mm x 125mm
8" x 6" - 200mm x 150mm
6" x 6" - 150mm x 150mm
9" x 6" - 225mm x 150mm
10" x 8" - 250mm x 200mm
8" x 8" - 200mm x 200mm
A4 - 295mm x 210mm£8.00
15" x 10", A3 - 420mm x 295mm£15.50
A3 - 420mm x 297mm£16.50
20" x 16" - 500mm x 400mm£27.50
24" x 16" - 600mm x 400mm£37.50
30” x 20” - 760mm x 500mm£37.50
45” x 30” - 1140mm x 760mm£46.50

CD or Memory Stick of Restored Images

Printed CD of restored images including Jewel Case, or 16Gb Memory Stick£9.75

Photobooks – Hard Cover, Seamless, Lay-flat, 440gsm Premium Quality Paper, Photographically Printed, Stitched Binding

A4, 8.5in x 11.5in, (21cm x 30cm), landscape or portrait format photobook, 24 pages, Maximum 80 pages£129.50
A4, 8.5in x 11.5in, (21cm x 30cm), Extra page£2.35
12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm), photobook, 24 pages, Maximum 80 pages£149.50
12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm), Extra page£3.35
A3, 11.5in x 16.5in, (29.7cm x 42cm), landscape photobook, 24 pages, Maximum 80 pages£199.50
A3, 11.5in x 16.5in, (29.7cm x 42cm), landscape photobook, Extra page£3.95
Add photographs to photo book, per photograph£1.50
Add titles/captions to photo book, per title/caption£1.00

High quality solid wooden frame (various finishes) with double mount, sealed and strung at back

Frame 36cm x 31cm (14"x12") For print 25.5cm x 20.5cm (10"x8")£89.00
Frame 41cm x 36cm (16"x14") For print 30.5cm x 25.50cm (12"x10")£99.00
Frame 51cm x 41cm (20"x16") For print 40.5cm x 30.5cm (16"x12")£119.00
Frame 62cm x 41cm (24"x20") For print 51cm x 40.5cm (20"x16"")£149.00

Canvas Prints – High Quality, 100% Polyester, Matte UV Coated, Mirror Bleed Edges, Border Wrap Frame

Canvas 10” x 12” - 25cm x 30cm, with UV coating and image wrap edge, 0.75" Border£57.50
Canvas 12” x 16” - 30cm x 40cm£65.00
Canvas 16” x 20” - 40cm x 50cm, with UV coating and image wrap edge, 1.5" Border£79.00
Canvas 18” x 24” - 45cm x 61cm£89.00
Canvas 20” x 30” - 50cm x 76cm£99.00
Canvas 24” x 36” - 76cm x 91cm£129.00


Discounts for multiple full restorations and multiple prints are always available as below:

Discounts for multiple full restorations5-9 restorations 10% off
10+ restorations 20% off
Discount for multiple prints10+ prints 20% off